Artificial Grass Playgrounds

Why NexGen Lawns’ Artificial Grass is Perfect for Playgrounds?

An ideal solution is installing artificial playground turf

One of the places where children spend plenty of time is playground. For every parent, the safety of their children is a top priority. There are many parents who are unaware of the fact that playgrounds are not safe for their children.
There are numerous things that increase the risk of getting injured on the playground. The grass doesn’t have a soft surface; there are rocks at the base. As the grass wears down, the rocks become visible, increasing the chance of getting injured.
The caretakes use harmful and toxic chemicals to keep the grass free of insects. Though there might not be any insect, your kid might be inhaling the chemicals that can cause respiratory problems. The real grass stays wet for a long time and there are chances that water will be gathered in some places. It can wet the clothes of children and increasing the risk of catching a cold.  
So, what is the best way to keep your children safe? Stopping them from going to the playground? Of course not, you don’t want to take away a crucial activity from the childhood of your children.
An ideal solution is installing artificial playground turf. It is safe for kids as you will not need to water it and use fertilizers. Not all the suppliers provide quality fake grass. The best option is NexGen Lawn; we have been working in the artificial grass industry for many years.
Here are the reasons why installing our artificial playground turf is beneficial for schools and communities.  

Our playground turf has an extra layer of protection for the kids

Our playground turf has an extra layer of protection for the kids. This is to make sure they don’t get injured easily. For making their landing comfortable, we add an extra cushion of the foam pad. Even if your kids fall, they will not get hurt because of the pad.

Our foam pads are made from recycled polyethylene foam. This makes them eco-friendly and free of toxic materials. You can rest assured that your kids will not be inhaling anything harmful.

Additionally, the foam pads are the perfect alternative for the stone base. You can easily replace the whole base or some parts of the base. It is a remarkable way to speed up the installation process and. Another great thing is that it will save your money.  

NexGen Lawns is the right choice

Our foam pads are free of rubber and other kinds of metal. What makes our pads healthy is its resistance to fungal and bacteria growth. This is possible as our foam pads are non-microbial. Moreover, all our foam pads are elastic and capable of retaining shock. This makes it perfect to be installed in the playground to keep the children safe.
Therefore, keep your children safe and reduce the risk of them getting injured in the playground by installing artificial playground turf. NexGen Lawns is the right choice when it comes to a reliable and trustworthy fake grass installer and supplier. If you need more details, feel free to contact us.